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Camping on the river Elbe and near the Bauhaus

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Located on the river Elbe and just 150 meters away from the cycleway Elbe Cycle Route and the European Bicycle Route R1, only two kilometers to the world famous Bauhaus and the Garden Realm of Dessau-Wörlitz in close proximity – the boathouse of the Junkers Paddling Club is the perfect spot for cyclist and canoeist who want to spend the night in a tent for little money during their stay at Dessau. The boathouse is an official canoe base camp of the DKV, the German Canoe Federation. The camp site does not accept caravans.


Steffen Serfas
Telefon 0340 88299109

No one is answering the phone? More contacts.


per person and night
€ 7.00
per member of DKV and night
€ 5.00


Junkers Paddelgemeinschaft Dessau e.V.
Leopoldshafen 4 06846 Dessau-Roßlau


The camp site is right next to the boathouse. Power connections are available. There is a covered outdoor seating areas to shelter you from rain. Canoeists and cyclists can also set up a place to sleep inside the boathouse.

There is a club room with a small kitchen and sanitary facilities with showers and lavatories.

Please note

  • Smoking and open fire are not allowed inside the boathouse.
  • If you lose the key to the boathouse we will charge a fee of 70 Euros.
  • The ramps to the boathouse can get very slippery when wet. Please walk carefully.


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